Discounted full program price- Just $12.95!

Regular Program Price - $9.95

You will receive a $2.00 Discount when you sign up from this page!

Regular Program Price - $9.95

Discounted full program price- Just $12.95!

You will receive a $2.00 Discount when you sign up from this page!

You will receive a $2.00 Discount when you sign up from this page!

Discounted full program price- Just $12.95!

Regular Program Price - $9.95
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The Cheap Cartoon Traffic School Philosophy

We have been in the business of running California traffic schools since 1998 and we believe that  online traffic school should be fun, easy and really, truly affordable. We have never advertised one price and then added on extra fees to pump up the final amount you pay, and we never will. One low price covers everything; including your program and test, immediate electronic submission of your certificate into the court as soon as you finish - any time of the day or night, an instant confirmation e-mail when the court receives your certificate, and a follow-up email when the court views your certificate and closes your case. And we never charge anything extra for our entertaining interactive content options or unlimited course retakes! Take your program online at home or in our office. Our philosophy is simple: We offer a truly great program with everything included to process your completion certificate instantly and effectively at a truly great price.

Uniquely Ethical

At the Cheap Cartoon Traffic School We Offer:
* FREE completion certificates electronically submitted into EVERY COURT in California INSTANTLY within minutes of your completion! (Most schools are set up to submit completions by MANUALLY ENTERING your information into the electronic DMV/court system during their regular business hours.)
* FREE INSTANT Email court submission notification/ proof of completion that you can print out for your own records.
*  * FREE Confirmation of  Court Processing Email as soon as the Court views your certificate. * *
* FREE "processing" and "handling".
* FREE unlimited course retakes, if needed.
* FREE animated content option.
* A super FAST program with only FIVE levels to complete.
* A program that works on all devices.
* Our GUARANTEE that we will not try to market ANYTHING to you after you complete your program, or sell or distribute any of your information to any third parties (other than the court that issued your citation and the DMV for the sole purpose of the dismissal of your citation.)
* A "No Questions Asked" full course fee refund policy.


* Bait-and-Switch by advertising low prices that don't apply to all the fees for our program.
* Make you pay extra fees for certificate processing or confirmations.
* Make you pay extra fees for interactive content.
* Charge you extra fees to take the final test.
* Charge you fees for expedited or "front of the line" certificate processing.
* Charge you extra fees for unnecessary "upgrades".
* Offer to send you a "copy of the completion certificate" (for an additional fee, of course) when ALL certificate information is now electronically submitted directly into the court and there IS NO SUCH THING as an official paper DMV traffic school completion certificate anymore.
* Bury really creative additional fees and requirements in tiny print on our registration pages.
* Hide the fees you will be charged until after you complete a portion of the registration process or program.
* Charge you as much as $45.00 for delivery services, when no mailing at all is required!

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Or, you may sign-up in person at our office at 3275 Stevens Creek Blvd #265 Santa Clara, CA 95050