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Uniquely Ethical Antelope Valley Traffic School


At the Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School We Offer:
* FREE completion certificates electronically submitted into EVERY COURT in California INSTANTLY within minutes of your completion! (Most schools are set up to submit completions by MANUALLY ENTERING your information into the electronic DMV/court system during their regular business hours.)
* FREE INSTANT Email completion confirmations that you can print out for your own records.
* * FREE Confirmation of  Court Processing Email as soon as the Court views your certificate.* *
* FREE "processing" and "handling".
* FREE unlimited course retakes, if needed.
* FREE animated content option.
* A super FAST program with only FIVE levels to complete.
* A program that works on all devices.
* Our GUARANTEE that we will not try to market ANYTHING to you after you complete your program, or sell or distribute any of your information to any third parties (other than the court that issued your citation and the DMV for the sole purpose of the dismissal of your citation.)
* A "No Questions Asked" full course fee refund policy.


* Bait-and-Switch by advertising low prices that don't apply to all the fees for our program.
* Make you pay extra fees for certificate processing or confirmations.
* Make you pay extra fees for interactive content.
* Charge you extra fees to take the final test.
* Charge you fees for expedited or "front of the line" certificate processing.
* Offer to send you a "copy of the completion certificate" (for an additional fee, of course) when ALL certificate information is now electronically submitted directly into the court and there IS NO SUCH THING as an official paper DMV traffic school completion certificate anymore.
* Bury really creative additional fees and requirements in tiny print on our registration pages.
* Hide the fees you will be charged until after you complete a portion of the program.
* Charge you as much as $45.00 for delivery services, when no mailing at all is required!

Antelope Valley Online Traffic School

The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School has become the #1 Antelope Valley online traffic school for people who want to participate in a program that is unique. The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School is FUN ... EASY ... FAST ... ENTERTAINING .... and offers the LOWEST COST comedy traffic school online! Our PRICE is GREAT... and our program is unlike any other CALIFORNIA ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL.

Why settle for less when we offer you a great traffic school for less?

We are the only online Antelope Valley traffic school with funny, HIGH QUALITY, animated CARTOONS and CARTOON GAMES throughout our program.

Antelope Valley Traffic School Court Requirements

Traffic school attendance is a program that allows certain moving violators to receive instruction in driving and driving safety. To be eligible for Los Angeles County traffic school:
  • The violation must be eligible for Los Angeles County traffic school;
  • You have not attended traffic school on another citation issued within the last 18 months of your current citation;
  • You must submit proof of correction for any mechanical, registration, driver's license or insurance violations. Citations that contain ONLY these types or violations are not eligible for Los Angeles traffic school.
To attend Los Angeles traffic school, both the citation bail amount and a non-refundable administrative fee must be paid before the court allows enrollment. Traffic school fees are non-refundable. There is an additional fee to attend the The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School Traffic School program for Los Angeles.

There are four alternatives for paying Los Angeles traffic school fees:

Upon receipt of the traffic school fees, the Clerk's Office will provide you with a form that lists the due date. You will be given 64 days to complete the The Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School Los Angeles County traffic school program. If you submit satisfactory proof of completion by your traffic school due date, the citation will be dismissed by the Court and reported to DMV as a Los Angeles traffic school Dismissal.

If you sign up for Los Angeles traffic school and fail to file the traffic school certificate of completion by the due date, the traffic school fee you paid will be deemed as bail and forfeited; DMV will be notified of the conviction.