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    If you already have Flash 8 or better on your computer- no worries, you are good to go! (*IPad users, see below)

    If you do not have Flash 8 or better, and you would like to view the animated cartoons and games, you will need to take a moment to download the plug-in.

    For GOOGLE CHROME ONLY, you will need Flash 10.3 or better to be able to view all the Flash content. Downloading Flash is FREE and takes just a FEW MINUTES to complete! It is installed in your computer automatically, you do not have to reboot your computer after you download it.

     Click HERE to download the player.


    For those who would prefer a text-based version, the text-based alternative is available for all animations with sound available by clicking the blue icon indicated:

    Text-Based Alternative

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    If you are working on a desktop, laptop or Flash-capable tablet computer-


    If you are working on an iPad - OR
    if you prefer to preview the text-based (non-animated) version of the course....

    Text-Based Alternative

    Best viewed with iPad turned  horizontally.