Oftentimes, homeowners do not know anything about their foundation. They’ve got no idea what would happen if they do not fix it. Foundation repair is typically something that’s needed, but most homeowners avoid it because of the associated costs. Typically, most homeowners simply pick which projects are of high priority. Of course, if you are given the option to go on a vacation or fix your foundation, the vacation option sounds a lot more exciting. But, if you neglect foundation repair even for just 1 year, do you have any idea what could be at stake? 

Here are several things that could happen if you don’t hire Foundation Repair Austin TX for your foundation repair: 

Mold and Mildew Problems 

You will have mold and mildew issues if you do not repair your foundation. This issue will cause the wooden elements under your beam and pier to decline. Water could make its way into the crawl space when there are poor sealing or cracks around a beam and pier foundation. This water could produce a harmful environment that provides a health risk for everyone living in that house. This is especially true if you’ve got older adults or kids who have asthma or other respiratory issues. Over time, wood rots will get worse. 

Plumbing Issues 

Your home’s plumbing system is extremely vulnerable to foundation problems. Plumbing pipes could become entangled in your home’s foundation whenever beam and pier homes are concerned. They could make their way through your home. On the other hand, plumbing problems can happen under the slab and could go undetected for years if you have slab foundations. The shifts in the house can cause plumbing pipes to break if a house is suffering from foundation problems. Water damage in the house could be disastrous if plumbing bursts or cracks.  

Rodent or Insect Infestations 

Rodents and insects can squeeze their way into your house if you allow your foundation to deteriorate, especially if you’ve got beam and pier foundations that have crawl spaces. For those who don’t know, insect or rodent infestations are huge issues. Insects typically multiply at a rapid rate. That is the most annoying part of this issue. You can be looking at a major infestation if you do not catch it early on. This will cause more damage to your house. Even if you hire a professional to get rid of the infestation, how these pests entered your house will stay. 

Foundation Settling/Sinking 

Foundation settling or sinking is probably one of the first things that could occur if you ignore your foundation. For those who don’t know, foundations could sink into the ground since they move over time. This will result in an uneven home. You may notice that your floors are not even anymore. One of the signs that indicate foundation settling is having a crooked door frame. You need to contact a foundation repair service right away if you notice problems such as this. It’s much better if you spot this issue early on.