California Traffic School

We are licensed by the DMV for ALL California Counties!
CA DMV License E1904

Your total program cost, which includes the transmission of your completion certificate into the court is:

Your $12.95 fee includes ALL of the following:

* FREE completion certificates electronically submitted into EVERY COURT in California INSTANTLY within minutes of your completion! (Most schools are set up to submit completions by MANUALLY ENTERING your information into the electronic DMV/court system during their regular business hours.)
* FREE INSTANT Email completion confirmations that you can print out for your own records.
* * FREE Confirmation of Court Processing Email as soon as the Court views your certificate.* *
* FREE "processing" and "handling".
* FREE unlimited course retakes, if needed.
* FREE animated content option.
* A super FAST program with only FIVE levels to complete.
* A program that works on all devices.
* Our GUARANTEE that we will not try to market ANYTHING to you after you complete your program, or sell or distribute any of your information to any third parties (other than the court that issued your citation and the DMV for the sole purpose of the dismissal of your citation.)



Mandatory DMV Disclosure

Course content is limited to traffic violator curricula approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Students in the classroom include traffic offenders, repeat traffic offenders, adults, and teenagers, and those who have and those who have not been referred by a court. Instructor training, business regulatory standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of traffic violator schools are not equal to the training, standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of licensed driving schools (California Vehicle Code Section 11200(b)(1)).


Your certificate will be electronically submitted into the court INSTANTLY after you complete your program.

You will receive a FREE completion confirmation Email for your records, as well.

As long as you successfully complete your final quiz before MIDNIGHT on your court assigned due date, your certificate will be accepted by the court.

However, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND completing the program BEFORE your court-assigned due date!!!

If, FOR ANY REASON you complete your program AFTER midnight on your court-assigned due date, your certificate WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED by the court.

By clicking the "Register Me Now! link below, you are certifying that you understand the certificate delivery option required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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