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6/1/2016 IMPORTANT NOTE: The last day to work on your Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School Program will be July 31, 2016. Due to retirement of the owner, the LOGIN PAGE FOR THE PROGRAM WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE as of August 1,2016 and support will cease. We will be posting direct contact information to court liaisons for all courts at that time. The court liaisons will be available for any questions or situations that might arise regarding your completion certificates after 8/1/2016. Per DMV regulations, we will maintain our student records for 3 years, and the court liaisons will be able to contact us directly if they need more information regarding a particular certificate. By signing into your program below, you are certifying that you understand that the school will be closing @ 12:00 AM August 1, 2016 and that you will have full access to all aspects of your program until that date.

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